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educationSynergia is unsurpassed in our knowledge and experience of Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM). Our subject matter experts (SME’s) have over 40 years of collective experience which include some of the most hazardous and volatile environments in the world.

It is our charter to provide to our customers resilient supply chain management based on demand-driven principles. Through visibility, communication and reliable processes we offer a distinct approach to the following key functional areas:

  • Supply Management - Manufacturing, Logistics & Sourcing
  • Demand Management - Marketing, Sales & Services
  • Product Management - Research, Engineering & Product Development

At Synergia, we refer to our Supply Chain Management as “Global Supply Chain Value Management” (GSCVM); an ideal which broadens the perspective of a supply chain organization.

The old vision of supply chain management focused merely on the management of inbound materials and logistics. However, at Synergia, we realize that supply chain responsibilities go well beyond planning, sourcing, managing, and delivery of materials to include key functional areas such as customer management, post sales support, and change management.

Supply chain management was once the most overlooked functional area of an organization; which incredibly has a direct and often times adverse impact on project schedule and overall project cost. At Synergia, our SME’s have been aware of this problem for years and are gladly embracing the fact that supply chain management is now becoming a mainstream topic of value creation.

Operational and Innovation excellence is what we strive for at Fist Synergia Global Trading, LLC and this fact is no more evident than with our revolutionary approach to “Global Supply Chain Value Management”.

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