IT Services

At Synergia, our Information Technology Services are broad and all encompassing. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

IT & Financial Process Improvement "Process Improvement" means making things better - preventing fires instead of fighting them. Process improvement initiatives are continuous. As organizations grow, they need to continuously analyze and refine their processes to ensure they are doing business as effectively and efficiently as possible. Fine-tuning processes gives an organization a competitive advantage in a global marketplace.

We first seek to learn what causes things to happen in a process and then use this knowledge to reduce variation, eliminate unproductive activities (ie. those that do not contribute value), and improve operational efficieny and effecitveness. We examine all of the factors affecting the process: the materials used, the methods and technology used to transform the materials into a product or service, and the people who perform the work.

Custom Solutions In short, we mean custom software development and Web 2.0 solutions to serve your business processes and operations. People these days know they need technology to get their business to the next level. Far too often we see companies invest in expensive software that either doesn't do what they really want or does so much that it's counter productive. We provide specific custom solutions for your specific needs. We're not above recommending a third-party or an "out of the box" product from time to time; but we won't sell you anything you don't need.

IT & Financial Risk Mitigation At Synergia, we are highly skilled in systematically reducing the extent of exposure to a risk and/or the likelihood of its occurrence. We do this through an intimate and discrete process of getting to know the ins and outs of an organization, conducting a thorough risk assessment (ie. general, financial, or IT specific), and mapping those found risks back to a custom built control matrix. We will help you reduce risks to a tolerable level.

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