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A workforce trained in English leads to improved productivity and a positive bottom line.

educationSynergia’s own research in English has proven that rapid growth in international corporations, due to Internet access, has created problems in international corporations. We found that universities worldwide have noticed that their non-native English speakers who have obtained business degrees have not been promoted as expected in the English-speaking business world. The determining factor is that learning English has consisted of Conversational English and not Technical Business English. After interviews, questionnaires, and surveys of 20+ multinational executives, in major corporations and seven different countries, First Synergia found that the workforce and lower management non-native speakers cost corporations up to $4M a year because they do not have a command of Technical Business English.

We offer:

  • Assessment of your employees’ needs
  • Group and Individual sessions
  • Curriculum Preparation
  • Instructional Preparation

Goals are reached, according to Carol Tomlinson’s Differentiated Instruction, by providing students with different avenues to processing, constructing, and making sense of the content as well as developing teaching materials so that all students learn regardless of differences in ability.

Through replica corporate offices, specific to the corporation’s business as well as forms, technical vocabulary, and key terms specific to the employee’s needs.

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