Our Mission

First Synergia redefines the meaning of agency, by taking innovative actions to participate in our clients’ success. First Synergia’s executive team, consisting of leaders in their own fields, comes together to offer a service agency that is years ahead of any other. By integrating first Synergia’s seasoned team with that of our clients’, success will follow. We open doors, build bonds, and integrate success.

First Synergia, LLC supplies a complete line of Tubular Products through our alliance with the world’s leading manufacturers. Because of this global reach, we can respond to your clients’ needs in any location and in a timely manner.

Our Management

thomas crum, tom crum
Thomas CrumMANAGING DIRECTOR linked in
Mr. Crum is the principle owner and Managing Director of First Synergia General Trading, LLC, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. He has extensive knowledge and expertise doing business in the Middle East, North Africa, and the United States. Mr. Crum is the former Chief Operating Officer and Senior Executive – Middle East Region for Halliburton's KBR Government Business Unit. With proven success, he headed and has participated in over $20B in global contracts.

After retiring from KBR, Crum went into private business, adding alternative and renewable energy to his resume, supplying staff to wind­farm projects across the USA, including Kansas, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Texas.

Tom Crum founded First Synergia General Trading, LLC, to offer an innovated method of Agency. First Synergia and its executive team are committed to our method, Innovative and Integrated Agency. It is a tweak to the old service industry product.

Tom Crum’s U.S. Government Contract work began with the US State Department, building an Embassy in Muscat, Oman, remodeled the Embassy in Rabat, Morocco and re-built the Embassy in Mogadishu, Somalia. He went on to support US troops and other forces through the United Nations, and USAID projects in every event the US Government participated in since Mogadishu, including Bosnia, Haiti, Macedonia, Kosovo and Iraq.

His humanitarian efforts during the Bosnian event brought the Bosnians and the Serbians together for the better good, repairing a train bridge blown up during the war. Mr. Crum also repaired a Sava river levee protecting a small village and beating the rainy season by two days. He is recognized as saving the lives and homes of those who would have surely been washed away. He has been recognized by a former Senator as one that made Bill Clinton’s infamous Dayton Accord work.

In the early 80’s, Crum participated in the preparation and building of the first phase of The Great Manmade River Project in Libya. The purpose of the project was to move water from desert aquifer locations to coastal regions and agricultural areas of the country. On this project many hardships were mitigated relative to working in arid regions. One success was to establish a training program for the Libyans to take over operations of all facilities when Brown and Root completed the project.

Mr. Crum is a 1968 Graduate of the University of Texas with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering.

Tom Crum and First Synergia bring the same dedication instilled in the executive team, to open doors, build bonds, and integrate success.

paul robichaux, d. paul robichaux
Paul RobichauxOPERATIONS DIRECTOR linked in
Mr. Robichaux co-founded First Synergia General Trading, LLC, headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

In addition, he is also a founding partner of LPT Global Services, Inc, a USA based Oil and Gas, Power and Program Management Service Company. Additionally, a major component of the business is focused on Pipe Supply and Drill Pipe and Drill Stem supply. LPT Global Services, Inc. Performs Services both Domestically in the US and to Unrestricted Global locations.

Further, Mr. Robichaux is the founder of Robichaux Equipment, Inc (REI), an international leader in the sales and leasing of large crawler cranes and construction related equipment. REI also specializes in appraisals and liquidations. In order to manage the commercial paper created through REI and other entities, Mr. Robichaux founded Robichaux Equipment, LLC. In addition, he founded, and is the managing member of Robichuax Holdings, LLC, providing disaster related services in generator rentals to temporary housing. This company is also in the business of providing sales and technical support for the reduction of sludge in waste water treatment facilities and industrial waste.

Mr. Robichaux attended Nicholls State University majoring in marketing and psychology, with a minor in business. He has founded multiple businesses generating sales across Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the Caribbean.

lynn crum
Lynn Crum TRAINING DIRECTOR linked in
Lynn Crum holds a Bachelors Degree in English from the University of Houston Clear Lake and a Master's Degree in Education, specializing in Curriculum and Instruction and ESL from the University of Phoenix. She holds five certifications in TOEFL, including Business English.

Living in the Middle East and North Africa during the last 20+ years, Mrs. Crum has continually studied the cultures of these areas, as well as those who work in these areas. She and her husband, Tom, studied the Lingua Franca of business as it developed through the phenomenal growth of international business due to the worldwide web.

Mrs. Crum has a Secondary Teaching Certificate from Texas, with experience teaching 8th grade Reading and 10th and 11th grade English and Literature at every level, lower through gifted students. She successfully created a single curriculum used at all levels, only changing the depth of instruction. She successfully tutored Spanish speaking students in public schools, raising their English development through course study.

Mrs. Crum has successfully worked with ADHD students. Through raising their self esteem and more time to complete their work their grade point averages exceeded expectations. She taught Texas high school students in a home school with great success. One student came to her with a 0.5 GPA. After working with her for 1 year, the student went back into public school and made the honor roll his entire senior year.

Mrs. Crum has been teaching privately and online since 2004. She teaches English and Business English to students from Oman, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, India, China, South Korea, Germany, Mexico, Thailand, and Columbia her, studies of these cultures and their ability to be promoted in multinational corporations, who speak English as their primary language, took own life when a particular niche was discovered which costs global corporations millions of dollars per year.

Crum’s research shows that universities worldwide, in the last three years, have recognized that their business graduates are not being promoted as fast as the native speaker of English. The universities found in her research are working to change their curriculum to include Business Specific and Social English. The niche which is costing global corporations millions each year is the forgotten workforce employees. Multinational workforces do not get the training afforded the university graduates. The need for Business English and Social/Conversational English training for Non­native English speakers of the workforce has not been addressed. Synergia and Lynn Crum can solve the problem.

rob mcnamara
Rob McNamara, Operations Director provides expertise in Management, Procurement, Logistics and Base Camp Operations. He brings 11 years of experience and knowledge of US Government Contracts such as, LOGCAP, US Department of Defense, and US Army Corps of Engineers.

His extensive knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) offers First Synergia’s clients an award winning ability in inventory control, data accountability, account management and requisite documentations. Rob McNamara has consistently won 100% Awards from the US Government Property Administration Auditors and recognized numerous times for his achievements. McNamara has proven success at increasing productivity and managing over $187M in US Government materials.

Rob McNamara develops and implements material management program as well as establishes operating procedures which produces increases in productivity and manages large budgets. McNamara’s experience in inventory control, data accountability, account management and requisite documentation means Synergia can offer our clients accountability and productivity.

US Government Contracts is an area in which many companies, big and small, would like to participate. Synergia has 35 years collective experience in US Government Contracts.

laura robichaux
Laura RobichauxTECHNOLOGY DIRECTOR linked in
Ms. Robichaux graduated from Louisiana State University with degrees in Finance and Communication Studies. She went on to obtain a position at Ernst & Young (EY) as a Senior Consultant in their Advisory Services division. During her time at EY, she worked with industry leaders in the technology, consumer products, banking, and manufactoring industries to redefine their business process and operations in order to reduce their financial risks and increase their operating efficiency.

In 2011, she left EY to found Aviisa where she oversees various projects in both the financial and technology services industries. Ms. Robichaux has a thorough understanding of the relationship between information technology and business operations. And, keeps abreast of the industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

Further, Ms. Robichaux has also worked on a freelance basis to assist companies with establishing an online presense, brand development, and coached businesses on how to use information technology to their benefit.
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